Design, source, procure, and manage IT assets from any vendor through one centralized platform.

Get the tools and expertise you need from a vendor agnostic partner

You can’t be an expert on everything. Leverage vCom for the tools and expertise you need to ensure the right technology at the best price. Our world-class software platform vManager paired with managed services makes it easy to manage and optimize your IT infrastructure and costs.

Planning & Procurement

Solution Design

You might know what you need, but do you know how to build it? vCom experts design hundreds of solutions each year that factor in time, cost, and ROI.

  • Don’t stress about complexity. Our technology experts work hand in hand with you to design a best fit solution to meet current and future needs.

  • We handle the time-consuming RFP process. Our Buyer’s Journey compares performance across cost, quality, support, and so much more, all based on your unique needs assessment.

  • Technology engineers augment your team so you can focus elsewhere.


Compare pricing and place orders across multiple vendors from the vManager platform.

  • Place orders through vManager’s self-service Marketplace for services including mobile, POTS, broadband, and much more. Build a device catalog specific to your organization.
  • For more complex pricing needs, enter a request and the vCom team will do the rest.
  • Leverage QuantumShift by vCom to fully power your solution with aggregated buying power and consolidating your vendors onto one normalized invoice.


Let the experts do the negotiating for you and take advantage of decades of industry experience.

  • We do the heavy lifting from redlines to signatures including reviewing SLAs and negotiating world class terms & conditions.
  • Eliminate surprise recommits with automated advance notice of contract end dates.
  • Everything is centralized, accessible, and linked to corresponding assets in vManager including contracts, service orders, exhibits, and more.

Manage your technology with certainty

Learn how vCom software and managed services can give you peace of mind from source to pay.