A Better Way to Manage Your IT Operations

IT operations is an unsung hero. The work done is largely behind the scenes, but it’s critical to ensuring that your IT assets continue to operate as needed. How you manage orders, track assets, and ensure good service and support matters when it comes to making sure businesses continue to operate without a hitch.

vCom’s most recent podcast features VP of Operations Matt Marquez talking about how experience and expertise makes a world of difference when it comes to managing your IT operations and receiving the service and support you deserve. You can watch it below. In a hurry? Use the timecodes to jump to key points in the podcast.

IT Operations typically works on a conveyer belt, but not always

Most companies have in-depth operational processes. As Matt says, “their work is done on a conveyor belt.” The process typically involves requesting an order, which is then reviewed, approved, and placed with the supplier or vendor. The equipment is then delivered, installed, tested, and deployed by the IT department. Users are trained on how to use the equipment effectively, and ongoing support and maintenance is provided by the IT department as needed. However, Matt explains that only 80-85% of the work moves smoothly on the conveyer belt, and the other 15-20% requires manual intervention and additional resources.

Timecode: 02:29

Installing network services can be complicated and time-consuming

There are a lot of facility requirements and builds that are necessary to install certain network services into buildings. Matt emphasizes this, saying, “You’re dealing with permits, you’re dealing with property managers, you’re dealing with digging up a parking lot to put conduits into run into the building that nobody wants to see, and it takes for forever to get that done.” All of this, while still meeting the customers’ expectations and ensuring contractors are installing it correctly.

Timecode: 03:26

vCom gives customers back their time by taking on the busy work

One of the ways vCom provides value is by taking away the tedious work involved in managing orders. Customers “don’t have to do the follow-ups, they don’t have to call the carriers, they don’t have to sit on hold, get transferred from this department to another.” vCom takes on the work to ensure operational success, giving customers back more time to invest in their core business.

Timecode: 04:43

Expertise goes a long way towards speeding and smoothing the order experience

Vendors have specific ways that they want orders submitted and different protocols to get the orders delivered and moving forward. Customers who do not deal with this on a day-to-day basis might spend a lot of time trying to get something submitted because they’re unfamiliar with the system or vendor nomenclature. vCom experts have worked closely with these vendors for so long they “speak the language” and know what each of them is looking for. Matt says, “We manage what you shouldn’t have to. That starts from the upfront ordering piece all the way to test and turn-up.”

Timecode: 06:37

Automation is key to better operations management

Rather than spending two or three minutes per email for hundreds of orders, a customer can automate all of it, saving time and allowing orders to get completed as quickly as possible.

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Deep carrier relationships pay off in unexpected situations

Matt has run into many situations where the vCom team has only a week or two to get something installed in a new location for a customer (The standard interval is 30-90 days). In these cases, it’s all down to the contacts and relationships we’ve built over the years and asking, “What can you do for me?”

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