Enabling Equity through Tech for Black Founders

Contributed by Miranda Ruane

In mid-2020, vCom committed to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, creating an employee-led DEI Committee to lead the charge. This group has worked together to create an impact both within the company as well as the industry and community at large.

As part of an initiative to support minority-owned businesses, vCom is proud to announce a partnership with Tech for Black Founders (TFBF), a program that provides support to US-based Black-founded startups. Since June 2020, Tech for Black Founders has set out to create and offer a growth stack of SaaS services to help their business grow and prosper. Access to technology is a key factor in the success of any business and there is a definite need to create equitable access to these services. As TFBF notes, “Today, only 1% of founders backed by venture capital in the United States are Black. This is appalling and shows how the odds are stacked against Black technologists and entrepreneurs. The onus is on us in the tech community to start evening the odds”.

VCom joins a host of additional companies in the consortium that makes up TFBF. As part of our offering, vCom will provide eligible businesses with unlimited access to our proprietary software platform, vManager, and access to our world-class Network, Mobile, Collaboration, Hardware, Cloud, and SaaS specialists. TFBF eligibility is available to U.S.-based companies led by one or more Black founders, that have raised less than $30M in venture capital, and have fewer than 150 employees.

For vCom, this program acts as a foundation upon which to build additional offerings targeting equitability. Our goal is to share our state-of-the-art solution and services throughout the business community with no barriers. Full offer details are available here.