QuantumShift Bolsters Mobile Security Offering with New Partner Cyberreef

QuantumShift Bolsters Mobile Security Offering with New Partner CyberReef

Contributed by Matt Mendenhall

QuantumShift is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with CyberReef, a leading cloud-based SaaS mobile security and data management solution provider, to help customers gain better control over their mobile data environment, while achieving substantial cost savings.

CyberReef’s patented MobileWall cloud firewall solution gives customers the security, visibility, and control to make mobility work for their business.

MobileWall CyberReef

“Our partnership with CyberReef was driven not only by QuantumShift’s commitment to delivering an enhanced mobile management experience, but also highly motivated by our desire to provide significant cost savings through proactive data controls,” says Sameer Hilal, COO of vCom and managing partner of QuantumShift. “Customers can now get access to CyberReef’s services, consolidated on their QuantumShift invoice along with their mobile plans, and financed mobile hardware, all managed by our team. Simple!”

The CyberReef solution affords customers the following:

  1. Secure Private Networking: Protecting privacy is a priority. With CyberReef’s secure private networking solution, customers’ mobile environment and usage remains private and secure with end-to-end encryption while using any SIM-based device, safeguarding from unauthorized access and data breaches without compromising on cost efficiency.
  2. Empowered Mobile Data Management: CyberReef’s cutting-edge mobile data bandwidth management tools enable QuantumShift to more efficiently and proactively optimize customers’ mobile data usage.
  3. Cost-Efficient Data Pool Controls: With improved data management controls, improved analytics, and smart user profiles, customers can reduce total data usage by up to 50%, and enjoy substantial savings.

“Our collaboration with QuantumShift has been immensely valuable,” says Hilton Nicholson, CEO of CyberReef. “Together, we offer customers cybersecurity protection while aiding them in minimizing their mobile data usage. We eagerly anticipate a sustained long-term partnership with vCom and the QuantumShift team.”

The QuantumShift team worked with AT&T and Verizon in the second half of 2023 to activate CyberReef’s solution onto their networks, making the process of enabling CyberReef onto an end user’s device a simple and seamless 30-second process. Customers work with the QuantumShift and vCom Engineering teams to pre-configure and assign lines to user profiles with various access controls, to ensure that end users have the access to the online tools they need—nothing more, nothing less.

“Partnering with CyberReef to enhance our mobile management solution speaks to the value we place on customers’ privacy, security, and hard-earned money,” said Matt Mendenhall, QuantumShift’s Vice President.

The QuantumShift Customer Care team and the vCom Technology Solutions Group is ready and equipped to work with customers to unlock savings while helping customers gain better security controls over their mobile data.