The vCom Model

Every business has a direction…a place they want to go…a mission…a vision.  That vision determines what problems they solve, where they make a difference, who they hire, and what value they provide.

At vCom, our vision is to be the premier cloud-based software and managed services company helping the mid-market manage their IT spend lifecycle. That means we: 

  • Provide solutions that address challenges in IT planning, operations, and expense management
  • Offer product direction in regards to networks, mobile, SaaS, and more
  • Maximize IT value across business units through transparency, simplicity, and ease of use
  • Hire experts across business units, ranging from product engineering to IT to finance, that best support your business needs

We’re in this business precisely because we know that’s a lot for a  small or mid-sized business to handle by themselves. It’s why our mantra is “we manage what you shouldn’t,” making the seemingly impossible task of dealing with IT spend not only manageable but beneficial, too. To make this purpose even more transparent, we have defined a model for how to we do what we do:

vCom is 4 business units focused on 9 asset-related IT challenges spanning 6 categories of spend that deliver 3 essential values.  Let’s break it down…

4 Business Units

Allowing our clients access to expertise in each of these four business units–

Software, Managed Services, Buyer’s Club, and Financing–greatly reduces time and pain  spent managing IT, improves your ability to identify the best solutions, and ensures operational success.  

Our cloud-based vManager software platform is  available on both desktop and mobile, and satisfies every functionality required for mid-market businesses to manage their entire IT spend lifecycle.  

It’s a best-in-class platform, but we also know that a premium car is only as good as the driver.  That’s why we compliment vManager with experts who navigate you through the IT journey, serving as a managed services provider, providing access to a buyer’s club that allows you to purchase at a discount and financing support in order to spread the cost of large expenses out over time. 

9 Challenges Around Each IT Asset

vCom Vision 9 challenges

Our 4 business units are the foundation that address 9 challenges around each IT asset that every business faces when procuring, operating, and invoicing IT expenses. 

  1. Solution Design – IT planning, technology & architecture design, vendor scorecarding, and RFP management
  2. Sourcing – Vendor selection including online shopping through the vManager platform, price and product benchmarking, quote management, and service order workflow
  3. Contract Management – Contract negotiations and approvals workflow plus the ability to make purchases through vCom’s “Buyer’s Club” to obtain best pricing and terms.
  4. Order Management – Installation of services through order workflow, project management, carrier management, testing and deployment
  5. Asset Management – Inventory creation and maintenance including the ability to customize attributes and reconcile inventory
  6. Service & Support – Trouble and change reporting and resolution via 24/7/365 help desk, support for MACDs, vendor management, and managed network services (MNS) 
  7. Invoice Management – Invoice acquisition, audit, and payment in a central repository that provides complete visibility into every invoice. 
  8. Accounting – GL Coding, AP postings, cost allocation and budget management
  9. Analytics – Access to data to provide actionable insight via a report library, trend analysis, and dashboard

6 Categories of Spend

vCom Vision 6 Categories of Spend

The 9 stages of an IT lifecycle are common across all businesses and across 6 of the most common areas of IT spend. IT assets that fall into each of these spend areas–networks, mobile, collaboration, cloud, hardware, and SaaS–ALL go through the same 9 phases of the life cycle. vCom supports them all.

3 Essential Values

vCom Vision 3 Essential Values

The word expense literally means “the cost required for something.” but we believe an expense can be more than a negative line item on your budget. Instead, if handled properly, there is a lot of value in every IT expense–and these values that come in the form of time, information, and money.

Our software  and managed services are designed to increase those three values by saving you time, providing you with information, and generating revenue or savings opportunities. Simply put, imagine…

… starting your IT search with vendors and products that have already been vetted to provide the most value.

… knowing the lowest price for the best service has already been negotiated.

… having every bill, charge, and account consolidated into a single invoice.

… clearly seeing your IT usage, and the ability to easily adjust it to avoid overspending.

… generating analytics reports that work cross-department with one click.

These tangible advantages not only save time, provide information, and generate revenue, they measurably add value to any organization by creating streamlined, confusion- and hassle-free IT spend lifecycle management.