Storm’s Top 8 Takeaways from SaaStr 2018

It was my first time at SaaStr last week and thought it was a fantastic show. I learned a ton we can use as we focus on getting our SaaS platform in the hands of more customers.

Here are my top 8 takeaways from SaaStr 2018 for achieving our SaaS goals:

  1. Don’t focus on revenue, focus on value to your customer and measure it. Also, focus on engagement and measure it. Do this right and the revenue will come!
  2. Fall in love with the problem, not the solution.
  3. Is your product a vitamin or an Aspirin?
  4. What is the first “aha” moment of the customer? Focus on, and prioritize the onboarding process.
  5. Test first, before you spend too much time.
  6. Make sure to clearly present value so when contacts leave and new people come in they can “see it.”
  7. Ask the customer how will we know if we are successful in 3, 6, 9 months? Document and measure.
  8. Incubate, separate quotas for, and incentivize new products.

– Gary Storm, President & CEO