vCom Connections Spring 2021

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Quick Guide to Help Tickets

Contributor: Matt Marquez

  • Sometimes things don’t work like they should. And when you have IT issues, vCom is here to help. Opening a Help Ticket is the quickest way to let us know you need assistance.

How vCom processes help tickets:

  1. When we receive your ticket we research the issue to try and resolve it quickly on our end.
  2. If the issue persists, we open a ticket for assistance with the carrier.
  3. We notify you when the issue is resolved and ask you to confirm that service is restored and working as expected.
  4. The ticket is closed by end of the business day (or the following day if after normal business hours.)

Click here to download the handy pdf


Mobile Optimizations

Contributor: Brie Peters

Our vCom Mobile Team is always busy behind the scenes, making sure that your mobile spend is optimized. What kinds of mobile optimizations do we do? Here are a few:

Our team reviews plans every quarter and proactively makes plan changes based on last three month of usage. This includes analyzing the full mobile environment (retail, buyers’ club, etc.) by reviewing the total spend/usage to look for patterns, and making sure that the plan being used is the most efficient. If not, we will change to a different plan to increase savings and reevaluate in the next quarter. We also provide usage alerts for data so there aren’t any surprises at the end of the month.

How many clients roughly do we do this for? ALL mobile customers!  That means we stay on top of over 460 carrier-accounts each quarter.As part of this process, we also do an in-depth invoice review to catch any additional savings, including available credits.  By the way, this is not an automated process. Reviewing these invoices by hand may take extra time but this is a point where a little human ingenuity may come into play.    Savings suggestions are also available to review in vManager, such as suspending zero use lines when in contract or disconnecting zero use lines when out of contract. You can also get visibility into TOL Out (transfer of liability) requests; these are flagged for your convenience inside vManager as employees leave the company.

Brie’s Optimization Tip ????
Unplanned international travel? A free international travel day pass is a feature from most carriers and can protect you from unexpected charges while traveling internationally. Activation is easy and can also be backdated. 


The vManager Masterclass for Managing Network Spend is a virtual, instructor-led group training course designed to provide participants with in-depth knowledge of vManager’s network spend management capabilities.

This hands-on training will take place over four weeks—one 2-hour class each week—and is segmented into specific learning topics to ensure comprehensive coverage of each vManager area:

  • vManager Dashboard / Planning & Procurement – Wednesday, May 19th, 10AM – 12PM (PT)
  • Operations Management – Wednesday, May 26th, 10AM – 12PM (PT)
  • Expense Management – Wednesday, June 2nd, 10AM – 12PM (PT)
  • Administration & Support – Wednesday, June 9th, 10AM – 12PM (PT)

This training is FREE to all vManager users.


Eliminating the Headaches

Contributor: Scott Jamieson

We get it – carriers can be a beast to deal with, especially when something goes wrong. Which is why we try to eliminate the headaches by dealing with the carriers for you. 

With our team’s experience and background, not only do we know who to contact to get things working again, we also know the right questions to ask, holding the carriers accountable along the way.   Here’s just one example: one of our customers had ordered a DIA service direct from the carrier and in communicating with the carrier, the customer had requested a /29 IP range. The carrier did not quite understand the request so the customer, feeling understandably frustrated, reached out to their Project Manager at vCom who was able to help them to phrase the request to the carrier in a way that would be understandable and get results. The customer was happy to drop this weight off on us, and we were happy to take it.

If you’re having a hard time communicating with a carrier, let us help! We are ready to do the heavy lifting.