vCom Connections Summer 2021

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Troubleshooting Mobility Issues

Contributor: Matt Marquez

  • Mobile device not acting like it’s supposed to? We can help you get things working again. But first, here are a few troubleshooting steps to try out:

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Braindrop Podcast

Episode 10: Mobile Variances

vCom mobile guru Brandon Hampton discusses the need to modernize the approach to optimizing mobile invoices to save big and stop wasting unnecessary spend on mobile plans. 

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Prioritizing Your Services

Contributor: Scott Jamieson

Picture this: you’ve got an office opening in one month and need to get your services up and running. Your carrier says that the standard time it will take to get everything setup and activated will be two weeks after your office is scheduled to open. 

That’s just not going to work for you. What now?

Our team can help! Over the past 20 years, vCom has established great working relationships with our carriers, teaming up to ensure services are delivered accurately and timely for our customers. In situations where the carrier might run into delays, our team is nimble in making sure a back-up solution is offered. We’ll help you meet whatever deadline you need—in many cases, ahead of schedule.  

We are committed to getting the best outcome possible for every project and tackling even the most difficult obstacles for every client. If you’re having a hard time communicating with a carrier, let us help—we are ready to go to bat for you. Reach out to your Project Manager to get help on any projects you may have.