vManager 14

vCom Solutions’ vManager 14 Platform Focuses on Delivering Speed to Information

Company unveils Community Intelligence feature, providing access to millions of IT spend data points

SAN RAMON, Calif., September 21, 2021 – vCom Solutions, the leader in empowering organizations to manage their recurring IT spend, today announced the release of vManager 14, the latest iteration of their award-winning cloud-based spend management software platform. Major enhancements within vManager 14 focus on increasing speed to information, expanding accessibility, and optimizing IT spend. vManager 14 improves the way in which vCom clients interact with the data behind their IT costs, enabling them to gain greater understanding of their spend, make better decisions around their IT investments, and, ultimately, drive greater value for shareholders.

“vManager 14 broadens the capabilities of our platform by providing greater access to information in a few significant ways,” says Sameer Hilal, Chief Operating Officer at vCom. “We’ve enhanced the usability of vManager to make it easier for clients to get to the information they need faster and keep outstanding actions that need to be performed top of mind. APIs make it possible to integrate vManager with popular customer service platforms like ServiceNow, helping enterprises eliminate swivel chair and providing the latest information to users in their native applications.” Additionally, vManager 14 introduces a new Community Intelligence feature that enables access to millions of data points from the assets currently managed and presents that data in a digestible manner. “It’s like having a consulting team analyzing transactions across our entire customer base 24×7 and making that data available to clients in the platform at no additional cost to help them make better business decisions,” says Hilal. “Customers pay consulting firms a lot of money to analyze market data and provide them IT benchmarks in their industry, among their peers, and for companies their own size. Our customers can take advantage of the new built-in data analytics from our growing community, right out of the box.”

In addition to others, primary enhancements and capabilities within vManager 14 include:

  • Community Intelligence – This new module leverages Business Intelligence and vCom’s large pool of IT spend data to provide market information on IT costs that can help clients optimize their spend. Drawn from hundreds of millions of data points clients can, for example, view average industry costs and bandwidth usage trends across network products, as well as comparative data on average mobile plan pricing and usage by device over time. As the vCom community continues to grow, so will the depth and value of the Community Intelligence data to help IT, Purchasing, and Finance organizations manage their IT spend more effectively.
  • Universal APIs – Developed at the request of several vCom clients, vManager 14’s new universal APIs enable existing internal customer support platforms to integrate with vManager. By leveraging these APIs, requests made in service and support platforms are automatically captured in vManager for fulfillment, eliminating any manual redundancies and errors. vManager processes requests on the backend and request information (i.e., order updates, ticket information, etc.) is updated in the customer’s existing service platform.
  • Homepage Dashboard Redesign – Streamlined to provide a more succinct and user-friendly experience, the new homepage has been reorganized into three areas:
    • A universal search bar takes prominence to power information accessibility. Search the entire vManager platform for orders, invoices, inventory, locations, vendors and more.
    • My Action Items displays any items that need attention, like Invoices or Orders Pending Approval, Contracts Pending Renewal, etc. See everything you need to do and use the quick link to get it all done.
    • My Favorites enables users to customize quick links to their most-used vManager items. Users click the star icon on any page to create their own favorites, which can be managed, rearranged, and renamed.
  • Self-Service Ticketing – It’s always been possible to open trouble tickets in vManager for assets managed on behalf of our clients. Now, clients who manage a subset of their assets themselves can also open trouble tickets in vManager and assign them to themselves, leveraging the vManager ticket management engine and enabling on-the-go access via the vManager Mobile App. Ticket configuration allows the customer to define the types of tickets, issues, severity, stage, etc. and automatically assign an owner to specific ticket types.

You can find out more about these and additional enhancements in vManager 14 at https://vcomsolutions.com/software/latest-release/.