vManager Marketplace: A Better Way to Shop for your Organization’s IT Needs

There are things you simply must have when operating the IT side of an organization, regardless of whether your organization operates in-office, remote, or hybrid. Your company needs to be able to communicate and collaborate efficiently, requiring tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Data needs to be stored somewhere, whether that be in physical storage devices or in the cloud. There needs to be a robust data network and mobile infrastructure in place to connect locations and staff so they have access to that data and collaboration. On top of all of that, there is the necessary hardware, software, and security to support and protect those needs.

Advanced technology is no longer a novelty; it is a commodity, a must have. Commodities that are necessary for almost every company include internet services, such as DIA and broadband, POTS, mobile services, and routers.

Even though technology expands rapidly, the need to buy these commodity services will always be there. It isn’t necessarily glamorous or exciting; it just must be done.

The Current Way of IT Shopping

In the current status quo, there is no way to buy all your IT commodities in a way that doesn’t involve contacting each individual provider, making multiple calls, or digging into multiple provider portals and spending significant time researching and/or communicating with each vendor. Additionally, because shopping is segmented by vendor, there is no convenient way to see the total price across all commodities, nor a way to compare and contrast myriad options and combinations. It’s easy to be locked under one carrier for simplicity but that can cost you…the best solution might be offered by several providers; some you might not even be aware of.

Additionally, vendors are in the business of making money. They’re not going to tell you what the competition is doing unless it’s a negative. They have the obvious agenda of selling their products on their contracts, making it difficult for you to make fully informed decisions, independent of bias, that could save you time and money.

Not to mention that your needs may differ by location.

What if we said there was a better way? A way that allowed you to:

    • Shop for everything in one place

    • See the total price across all commodities

    • Compare and contrast different providers

    • Search by contract term and budget

Marketplace: A New Way to Shop for Your IT Needs

vCom offers a new way to address your IT commodities with vManager Marketplace. All you do is click to shop.

A screenshot of vManager Marketplace when shopping for network needs. Users can look up different services for specific locations to find the optimal solution on one platform, regardless of location.

Users can search by service, carrier, contract, pricing, and more—across vendors—all in one place. They can place requests to return pricing results for a variety of services across hundreds of providers quickly, instead of searching on their own or through numerous channels.

Within Marketplace users can search for pricing via carrier, contract, price, and more, allowing a deeper view into the total cost, all in one place.

vManager Marketplace is vendor agnostic, allowing users to compare many different providers and their pricing and terms side-by-side to find the best fit for their needs based on specific requirements like location and budget. This one-stop solution eliminates the tedious and time-consuming hassle of having to go to multiple vendors for quotes. As a result, you can make better decisions faster, due to easy visibility on ONE platform.

Ditch the old-fashioned way. Get your time back. Buy your IT commodities through vManager Marketplace.

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