Zylo and vCom Solutions Announce New Partnership

Alliance expands IT spend management and optimization capabilities for SaaS-forward businesses

San Ramon, CA and INDIANAPOLIS – March 2, 2020 –  Zylo, the leader in SaaS management, today announced that it has established a partnership with vCom Solutions, the leader in IT spend and lifecycle management. The new partnership enables vCom to offer its existing and prospective customers a powerful new tool for identifying, analyzing, and optimizing spending on SaaS, as well as capabilities that strengthen lifecycle management, such as application monitoring, measurement of adoption and utilization, and renewal management.

IT budgets and lifecycle management have become increasingly dominated by the growing adoption of SaaS tools and applications. Gartner notes that business leaders will spend more than $116 billion on SaaS products in 2020, a year-over-year 15% increase.

“Our partnership with Zylo addresses one of the major pain points our customers experience,” said vCom Vice President of Sales, Paul Connaker. “We constantly hear from organizations that their increasing consumption of and spending on SaaS and other subscription-based software tools has gotten out of control. This so-called ‘Shadow IT’ is running rampant and companies are desperate for visibility. Through our partnership with Zylo, we are now able to effectively support end-to-end SaaS lifecycle and spend management, no matter the acquisition source or type of software.”

Zylo’s SaaS management product allows customers to discover all instances of SaaS within their environment, track every spending transaction, measure utilization, manage applications in a central system of record, and document renewal dates and additional contract line-item content.

Along with rapidly growing spending, businesses are challenged by high growth rates of shadow IT, as many than one in three employees now self-directs software purchases. vCom cloud-based software and managed services enable businesses to manage IT assets from procure-to-pay. Now, through its partnership with Zylo, vCom IT spend management capabilities include SaaS management features that empower organizations to discover, manage, and optimize all SaaS applications.

“The explosive growth of SaaS in today’s IT environments challenges existing frameworks for software management,” said Zylo Co-founder and Vice President of Customer Success and Services, Cory Wheeler. “Combining Zylo’s ability to provide full visibility into SaaS costs, licenses, and overall value with vCom’s IT spending and lifecycle management represents a win-win for our shared customers.”

For more details about how Zylo empowers enterprise businesses to maximize modern software and effectively manage SaaS applications, visit www.zylo.com

For more information on how vCom Solutions can help organizations manage every aspect of the IT Lifecycle, visit www.vcomsolutions.com