vManager 13.1

vCom Solutions Launches Latest Enhancements to vManager IT Lifecycle & Spend Management Platform

vManager 13.1 integrates native control of Azure, AWS, and GCP spend

San Ramon, CA – May 10, 2021vCom Solutions, a leader in IT lifecycle and spend management software and solutions, today announced the availability of vManager 13.1, the latest release of the organization’s proprietary software platform. The new release includes the first version of vManager’s native Cloud spend management capabilities, enabling end-to-end spend management of Azure, AWS, and GCP assets within the vManager platform. New features and enhancements focused on expanding IT asset purchasing capabilities, streamlining payment, and improving the automatic optimization of organizational spend have also been incorporated into this latest release.

“vCom empowers our clients with software and services that contain costs and drive shareholder value, giving them back time to focus on high-value activities, and delivering actionable data so they can make better decisions faster,” said vCom Chief Operating Officer Sameer Hilal. “That mandate will never change, and with vManager 13.1 we’ve expanded the features and functionality that deliver these crucial values from ONE centralized platform—not dozens of individual vendor portals.”

vManager 13.1 expands the single pane of glass from which businesses can manage every aspect of their IT spend through with native management of cloud assets. With the release of Cloud 1.0 clients can manage the top three Cloud Infrastructure as a Service providers from a cost, asset, and cost allocation perspective. They can take advantage of centralized inventory, vendor alerts and utilization reporting, and reap the significant benefits of optimization recommendations targeting improved usage and additional cost savings. vManager Marketplace furthers that ability to work from one central platform by enabling IT organizations to shop, compare, and purchase IT services with live pricing across hundreds of vendors in a quick, secure, and optimized way that matches corporate buying needs. Lastly, in addition to centralizing and normalizing IT invoices, finance teams can now digitize and centralize the payment process of their invoices through new Pay Now functionality that speeds invoice processing and reporting.

“Cloud is the new frontier when it comes to cost containment,” says Hilal. “Exacerbated by the pandemic, cloud migrations are accelerating, and infrastructure as a service spend is spiraling out of control. The result is an urgent need for companies to gain as much visibility as possible into where the spend is happening, and how it can be controlled and optimized. It only makes sense to manage your Cloud spend from the same place you manage your Network, Mobile, Collaboration, Hardware, and SaaS costs. If you can make purchases and payments via the same platform, even better.”

Additional details on capabilities and enhancements within vManager 13.1 include:

vManager Cloud 1.0 – The first phase of expanding cloud management capabilities within vManager provides clients with the ability to track and view their Azure, AWS, and GCP assets directly within vManager. Every piece of pertinent data relating to an asset is captured and stored from reference numbers and asset status to performance notifications and alerts, as well as extensive cloud invoice detail down to the line-item level. vManager Cloud 1.0 also features several powerful utilization graphs for at-a-glance views of key operational data, as well as Optimization recommendations of cloud assets to improve costs and usage.

Marketplace – Formerly known as Shop/Buy, the vManager Marketplace has been expanded with new features and capabilities and updated for a more effective shopping experience for Network, Mobile, and Collaboration-related assets.

·       Network/Collaboration – vManager’s live pricing capabilities incorporate additional services from dozens of providers and now include a status progress counter so customers can track the actual number of pricing options available for each request before viewing options.

·        Mobile – Improvements were made to streamline the mobile shopping experience through customized templates for repeat orders. Additional device purchase options have been added, including the ability to select from New, Refurbished, Open Box, and/or Certified Pre-owned devices. Users can also pre-order devices that have not yet been released.

·         Mobile Quick Orders – This new option makes it quicker for customers to complete shopping requests via customized order templates that incorporate pre-selected parameters and speeds the processing of orders.

·         Default Orders – Set Marketplace as the primary mobile purchasing mechanism to support quick onboarding.

Pay Now – Clients who purchase their IT assets through the vCom Buyers’ Club can now pay their invoices immediately upon receipt using ACH, either in-full or any other amount. Account and Routing numbers can be saved to expedite future payments. Once payments are confirmed and processed, they are immediately available under the Payments window in the vManager Invoice module.

Mobile Analytics – Two key mobile management reporting tools help reduce the number of unused assets within the enterprise:

              ·         Manager Mobile Report – Provides managers with billing and true usage details on corporate-owned devices for
                    each of their direct reports, providing oversite into data limits and enabling shifts in pooling plans as required.
              ·         Unassigned Mobile Inventory Report – Automatically generates data on any active or suspended mobile
                    inventory, either unassigned or assigned to an inactive employee, helping to clean up unused inventory and
                    eliminate the waste of purchasing new lines.

Additional information on vManager 13.1 can be found at: https://vcomsolutions.com/software/latest-release/