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Say Hello to vManager 16...

And say hello to reduced time to resolution, improved data visibility, and the power of AI! vManager 16 is not just an update…it’s a leap forward toward smoother operations that empower greater efficiency and the ability to achieve more in less time.

What's New?

Key features and enhancements to vManager

Customer Service Experience Powered by AI

vManager 16 embraces the cutting-edge power of OpenAI’s Chat GPT to pave the way for intuitive and seamless access to information. We’ve integrated this AI-powered customer service functionality directly into vManager to streamline client outreach.

  • vChat uses the power of OpenAI’s generative Chat GPT to bridge the gap between complex data and simple language queries to provide a new way for clients to interact with their data. Users can choose from suggested prompts like “How many mobile lines do I have,” or “list circuit count by carrier” or enter intuitive and simple inquiries and receive fast, accurate responses based on your singular data.
  • Selecting our new customer service workflow, Get Help brings the user through a series of directive prompts that help them identify an issue in need of resolution and route the inquiry request directly into the hands of the appropriate vCom team member as quickly as possible No need to go outside the tool to send an email or make a phone call. 

My Marketplace/vCom Marketplace

In our continuing drive to simplify the complexities of managing IT spend, we’ve split our sourcing Marketplace into two distinct shopping areas:

  • My Marketplace is a private catalog of commodity services unique to every client—a single area to access all pre-negotiated services.
  • vCom Marketplace is where you will find all other recurring IT products and services.

Orders place through either Marketplace will route immediately to vCom’s Operations Management team. Results of all pricing exercises and requests can be viewed and completed in the Pricing Results menu, while storing signed contracts to the Documents Library in the Contracts Module.

Check Providers in My Building

Users can now check which network providers can service an address or business location simply and easily. Selecting an address from a dropdown menu of existing locations (or adding a new address), prompts vManager to list the service providers that are On Net (with fiber in the building), Near Net (with fiber close by the location), or Off Net (the provider must leverage a third party to bring services into the building.) This time-saving feature lets users to quickly identify potential vendors and make informed decisions around implementation timelines and circuit diversity.

Customizable Home Page Panels

A significant change to the look of the vManager home page delivers customizable functionality based on user need. Users can add, configure, and sort up to six graph/report panels on their home page view based on their own preferences. These panels provide quick, at-a-glance visual access to a dozen spend analysis charts including Account Activity, Spend Optimization, Spend by Category, Billing Trend, and many more.

Mobile Order Management Workflow

vManager 16 has also enhanced the automated workflow for mobile order approvals. Since many organizations require a defined process by which orders can be approved, vManager ensures adherence to the process in a streamlined manner. Customers can not only define the approval process within vManager, but choose how they want the order workflow to run by choosing from one of three workflows: Sequential (person A has to approve, then person B has to approve…), Non Sequential (Either person A or B in no order, and only one is required to approve), and a Require All (Person A and person B have to approve in any order).