Latest features and benefits. vManager 15.1: Enhanced flexibility and expanded self-service access to speeds access to information

Introducing vManager 15.1

The big news is revamped Managed Pay functionality that puts tons of payment options into the hands of the client…where it belongs.

What's New?

Key features and enhancements to vManager

Upgrades to Managed Pay

Users now have unparalleled flexibility in the way they choose to have vCom pay their invoices, including when they pay, what they pay, and the amount they pay. With the average cost of processing a paper check around $22 (Aberdeen Research), taking advantage of no-cost automated processing through Managed Pay is cost-effective and resource efficient. Clients can pay their way and manage it all from the vManager platform:

  • Create, customize, and apply funds requests
  • View, edit, and approve all funds requests within vManager
  • Dynamically change payment amounts and regenerate funds requests
  • Edit payment batches to add and remove invoices to be paid
  • Customize and edit batch file PDF templates

Visual Circuit Performance Charts

Clients with circuits enrolled in vCom’s Circuit Performance Management (CPM) service can now access visual usage charts in the Inventory details for each circuit as well as through a new Data Utilization Report in vManager. Users can specify the utilization timeframe they want to view and export data for further analysis of usage trends.  

Track Expiration Dates of Suspended Mobile Devices

If clients request the suspension of certain mobile services they can now keep track of those expiration dates via an action tile on their vManager homepage. The Expiring Suspends tile links to a view of all applicable lines where users can also opt to disconnect these lines.

Centralized Report for Mobile Upgrades

Instead of looking for eligibility dates within device records, users can now see which devices in a mobile inventory are eligible for upgrades—alongside the eligibility date—in the centralized Mobile Inventory Details report.  

Make Bulk Changes to Cost Centers

Streamlined usage lets users replace existing cost centers in bulk rather than manually deleting and recreating them one at a time, meaning time saving and greater flexibility. Cost centers can also be deleted as required.

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