vManager 13

Simplifying & Supporting the Evolution if IT Spend

Latest Features and Benefits

The 13.0 release of vManager features a number of key enhancements that enable teams to work smarter from any location.

What's new?

Always evolving to address new challenges IT organizations are experiencing, the latest vManager release features a broad increase in self-service functionality to speed the sourcing, operation, management, and analysis of IT expenses.


One Centralized Source For Orders, Change, And Support Across Locations, Technologies, And Vendors

Shop & Buy WWAN Option – Users can compare and purchase from a cross-provider catalog of Wireless WAN hardware options, devices, and plans.

Pending Price Request Enhancements – Filtering and parsing network price requests for services much easier, enabling filtering by dollar amount as well as service type, carrier, etc. In addition, pricing options can be quickly be exported to PDF to be shared with non-vManager users.


Many enhancements to vManager’s Order manage capabilities

Multiple Enhancements – Line-level visibility and details has been added to the Order Summary view. Also new is support for Call Forwarding, the ability to set up a default feature for all lines/orders, and augmented device activation processes and tools.

Automated Shipping Notifications – Users will now receive automated notifications on devices being shipped from carriers.


Increased capabilities around usage reporting include:

Employee Sync – Provides the ability to better manage asset names and improve the management of Employee assignments.

Device Finance Information – Users can see details on installment plans for devices.

Equipment/SIM Info – Targeted search using equipment or SIM numbers including IMEI, ESN, or ICCID.

Augmented Asset Attributes – Added Device Activation Date, Contract Start Date, Upgrade Eligibility Date.

Alert Tab – All usage alerts/notifications are now available to view in one tab.

Move, Upgrade, Re-term Requests – Users can place a move, upgrade, or re-term requests against an existing network asset from within the existing vManager inventory record—no matter the carrier!

Managed and Unmanaged Assets Merged – All customer inventory, whether it is managed by vCom or the client, is visible in a single Inventory menu.


vManager 13 features a number of expense management enhancements for more flexibility

Managed Pay – Platform support for vCom’s no-cost Managed Pay service enables clients to view and track the status of all invoices being managed for payment including relevant dates, funds requests, payments received, invoices paid, and current balance.

Self-Service Batch File – Generating AP batch files was never easier; user selected files are consolidated into a batch and created with the click of a button.

Reporting Enhancements – Improved logic and performance of True Cost, Mobile Unbilled Usage, Zero Usage, Saving & Recommendations, and Plans/Usage Reports; New reports for Suspended Lines, Mobile Summary, and Usage Alerts/Notifications Sent.


Increased capabilities around usage reporting include:

Logic and performance enhancements:

  • True Cost Report
  • Mobile Unbilled Usage
  • Zero Usage
  • Saving & Recommendations
  • Plans/Usage Reports


  • Suspended Lines Report
  • Mobile Summary Report
  • Usage Alerts/Notifications Sent Report


vManager 13 also features a number of administrative enhancements designed to provided additional flexibility including:

HR Feed – Customers’ HR systems can now be integrated with vManager, to alleviate the need for manual management of employee information. Implemented automation to regularly synchronize customers’ HR data, and update with the Asset and Analytics Modules.

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