Latest features and benefits. vManager 14.1 speeds efficiency, access to information, and decision making.

Introducing vManager 14.1

New features and improved functionality support detailed visibility and reporting to help save time while optimizing usage and costs.

Planning & Procurement

Enhancement: Cost Center Added to Mobile Order Requests

Mobile orders can be assigned to specific cost centers at the time of the request to ensure that charges are allocated correctly prior to the beginning of billing.

Operations Management

Enhancement: Multi-Line Mobile Order Line Status

The line status for multiple mobile lines in a single order can now be viewed individually. A Line Status field shows the item details for each individual line, including status updates for each service.


Enhancement: Hardware Self-Service Tickets

We’ve expanded the ability for users to manage their own trouble tickets for self-managed assets by adding the capability to open tickets against hardware including laptops, printers, monitors, and more.

Enhancement: Additional Customizable Hardware Columns

We’ve expanded the number of customizable column options available in the Hardware tool to identify additional hardware details, i.e. serial number, location, type, etc.

Expense Management

New Feature: Managed Pay Invoice Tracking

The vManager Invoice tool now has a Managed Pay column so that clients using vCom’s Managed Pay service to pay their bills can easily identify which invoices are enrolled in the Managed Pay program.


Enhancement: Ad Hoc Reporting Improvements

A host of changes that improve client ability to run reports their way:

  • Hardware Inventory Reporting now shows self-managed assets including self-managed hardware (laptops, printers, etc.)
  • Bill Reporting now includes invoice charges from vendors managed by vCom or self-managed by the client
  • Order Reporting has been expanded to include 5 years of order history

Admin & Support

Enhancement: Mobile Catalog SKUs

SKU information for mobile carriers, plans, add-ons, and devices are now incorporated into the mobile catalog.


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