Stop managing assets with spreadsheets.
There is a better way.

Most companies don't know what assets they have, what they are using, or what they are paying for.

Ditch the spreadsheets and sticky notes

  • Managing assets and vendors is among the most time intensive activities in any company.
  • IT spend is among the biggest costs a company must manage.
  • Effectively managing across vendors and technologies is difficult impossible without a software platform

“vCom is not just ‘another vendor’ to us, but a trusted extension to our operations.” — Jim Gallagher, McGrath Rentcorp

Save Time

Centralize invoice management

See all invoices from every vendor, normalized so that every invoice is formatted the same way, track spend, explore the data with pivot charts.

Centralize trouble ticket management

File trouble tickets for any vendor directly from the platform, and get real time status updates.

Centralize procurement

Get pricing and order technology directly from the platform, across vendors and locations.

Centralize payment

Write a single check and vCom will distribute it to all vendors on your behalf, at no extra charge.

Centralize communication

A single centralized document center for all contracts and communication with vendors.

Reduce Cost

Eliminate billing errors

vCom automates invoice processing and auditing to catch and object to inflated charges.

Eliminate Waste

vCom’s centralized and automated tracking of usage can identify unused or underused services.

Reduce OpEx

Understand spending trends across technologies and vendors; evaluate which assets are being optimized to their potential

Reduce Capital Expense

vCom has complimentary expert services to aid any business of any size successfully migrate services to the Cloud.

Control Fees

The average for late fees is 0.63%. More efficient processing helps vCom customers reduce that to an average 0.005%.

Manage vendors

Avoid vendor lock-in

vCom’s aggregator service enables you to pick and choose vendors that best serves your business.

Right vendor, right price

Our procurement process has been honed over decades of experience.

Improve support

vCom unifies support across its many silos, increasing efficiencies.

Gain Insight

Asset management

Understand assets and usage across your entire ecosystem, including mobile phones

Shine light on shadow IT

Get complete visibility of SaaS applications, usage, and spend.

Gain insight

Understand your monthly communication spend in granular detail

Evaluate ROI

Play “what if” games to understand the implications and trade-offs of a different plan or different vendor

Centralize process

vCom centralizes and automates asset management, including orders, changes, trouble tickets, and invoices.