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We'll help you write RFPs, evaluate vendors, negotiate contracts, monitor outage status, address billing issues, and more.

vCom helps with everything from order management to invoice processing, so you can focus on getting work done

  • Supporting all technologies including Cloud, SaaS, mobile, hardware, networks, and collaboration.
  • Centralize and normalize across locations and vendors

Planning and Procurement

From networks and hardware to SaaS, we’ll help you source vendors, get quotes, manage RFPs, and get you set up.


Our team will collaborate with your IT team to put together a blueprint of your current technology architecture AND help design a new architecture that achieves your business goals.


Gain access to our vendor scorecard to compares provider performance in cost, quality, engineering, implementation, technical support, billing and dispute management.


Gain access to a formal RFP process that enables YOU to benchmark, compare and fully analyze a solution before selecting a finalist. This process, typically costing tens of thousands of dollars, is included as part of our expert services.

Operations Management

We’ll help you manage projects, carriers, and deployment.


Our 24/7/365 help desk is available to help manage your IT services. Our team of experienced engineers and specialists is versed with the various technologies and armed with the best tools including e-bonding to some providers’ systems, direct access to provider portals, and escalation lists which are updated regularly to ensure timely escalation when needed most.


Our team of provisioners works closely with carrier resources to scrub and accurately submit all orders. They drive escalations to ensure accuracy and timely delivery of services you procure. From verifying technical specifications to validating product compatibility with your equipment, our team focuses on ensuring the success of your deployments.


Our team of experienced engineers works closely with your IT staff and the service provider engineering resources to test and cut over new services. Our staff follows rigorous testing protocols to ensure that the new services work as ordered and meet your business requirements.

Expense Management

We’ll audit your invoices, manage disputes on your behalf,
integrate with your AP system, and pay vendors on your behalf.​


vCom can automatically pays provider invoices, so you only have to write us one check. Pay us on a set schedule, and we pay all your provider invoices on your behalf, thereby simplifying the process of bill payment on your Accounts Payable.


vCom’s expert resources will audit your monthly invoices against contracted rates and account activity, and manage any ensuing disputes on your behalf. Our team of cost assurance specialists has collected millions of dollars and shielded customers from thousands of disputes which plague invoices on an annual basis.


Our Professional Services team will work with your Accounts Payables team and your ERP provider to build a custom-file that matches your AP System requirements. No longer manually upload charges by cost center; the AP File is created within moments of the invoice being loaded into vManager, and can be easily delivered to your AP system.

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