Release Notes

We're constantly working to improve your experience with vManager

vManager 15.1

Upgrades to Managed Pay – Users now have unparalleled flexibility in the way they choose to have vCom pay their invoices, including when they pay, what they pay, and the amount they pay. With the average cost of processing a paper check around $22 (Aberdeen Research), taking advantage of no-cost automated processing through Managed Pay is cost-effective and resource efficient. Clients can pay their way and manage it all from the vManager platform:

  • Create, customize, and apply funds requests
  • View, edit, and approve all funds requests within vManager
  • Dynamically change payment amounts and regenerate funds requests
  • Edit payment batches to add and remove invoices to be paid
  • Customize and edit batch file PDF templates

Visual Circuit Performance Charts – Clients with circuits enrolled in vCom’s Circuit Performance Management (CPM) service can now access visual usage charts in the Inventory details for each circuit as well as through a new Data Utilization Report in vManager. Users can specify the utilization timeframe they want to view and export data for further analysis of usage trends.  

Track Expiration Dates of Suspended Mobile Devices – If clients request the suspension of certain mobile services they can now keep track of those expiration dates via an action tile on their vManager homepage. The Expiring Suspends tile links to a view of all applicable lines where users can also opt to disconnect these lines.

Centralized Report for Mobile Upgrades – Instead of looking for eligibility dates within device records, users can now see which devices in a mobile inventory are eligible for upgrades—alongside the eligibility date—in the centralized Mobile Inventory Details report.  

Make Bulk Changes to Cost Centers – Streamlined usage lets users replace existing cost centers in bulk rather than manually deleting and recreating them one at a time, meaning time saving and greater flexibility. Cost centers can also be deleted as required.

vManager 15

Marketplace Enhanced Shopping Experience – vCom was the first to offer a robust Marketplace within a management platform to compare and purchase IT commodities. Now, in addition to comparing providers based on pricing, bandwidth, and terms, customers shopping for Network services can obtain detailed information on:

  • The building they need service for
  • Available providers and technologies
  • Route maps
  • Near-net versus on-net connections
  • Service provider implementation intervals to help account for tight implementation timelines

Improved UX of Program Health Report – UX improvements on this key snapshot report lets users assess the depth and breadth of their organization’s IT spend—as well as their utilization of vCom’s products and services—in a way that is quick and easy. Visualizing details by lifecycle phase, the dashboard supports trend tracking at-a-glance, spotting opportunities for additional optimization, and driving deeper strategic conversations around next steps within the management of an organization’s IT lifecycle.

Single Sign-On (SSO) – Organizations can enhance their utilization of vManager in conjunction with other portals and SaaS applications by enabling Single Sign On (SSO). Once configured, enterprise users securely leverage a single set of credentials managed by their IT department and are authenticated into vManager just as they would gain access to other corporate apps, websites, and data established by IT, making it that much easier for them to quickly manage their IT environment.

Managed Pay Improvements – The Managed Pay engine has been retooled to allow future scale capabilities including providing customers the ability to better manage the frequency, timing, amounts, and accounts to include in fund requests through the platform.

vManager 14.1

Cost Center Added to Mobile Order Requests – Mobile orders can be assigned to specific cost centers at the time of the request to ensure that charges are allocated correctly prior to the beginning of billing.

Multi-Line Mobile Order Line Status – The line status for multiple mobile lines in a single order can now be viewed individually. A Line Status field shows the item details for each individual line, including status updates for each service.

Hardware Self-Service Tickets – We’ve expanded the ability for users to manage their own trouble tickets for self-managed assets by adding the capability to open tickets against hardware including laptops, printers, monitors, and more.

Additional Customizable Hardware Columns – We’ve expanded the number of customizable column options available in the Hardware tool to identify additional hardware details, i.e. serial number, location, type, etc.

Managed Pay Invoice Tracking – The vManager Invoice tool now has a Managed Pay column so that clients using vCom’s Managed Pay service to pay their bills can easily identify which invoices are enrolled in the Managed Pay program.

Ad Hoc Reporting Improvements – A host of changes that improve client ability to run reports their way:

  • Hardware Inventory Reporting now shows self-managed assets including self-managed hardware (laptops, printers, etc.)
  • Bill Reporting now includes invoice charges from vendors managed by vCom or self-managed by the client
  • Order Reporting has been expanded to include 5 years of order history

Mobile Catalog SKUs – SKU information for mobile carriers, plans, add-ons, and devices are now incorporated into the mobile catalog.

vManager 14

Community Intelligence – This new module leverages Business Intelligence and vCom’s large pool of IT spend data to provide market information on IT costs that can help clients optimize their spend. Drawn from hundreds of millions of data points clients can, for example, view average industry costs and bandwidth usage trends across network products, as well as comparative data on average mobile plan pricing and usage by device over time. As the vCom community continues to grow, so will the depth and value of the Community Intelligence data to help IT, Purchasing, and Finance organizations manage their IT spend more effectively.

Universal APIs – Developed at the request of several vCom clients, vManager 14’s new universal APIs enable existing internal customer support platforms to integrate with vManager. By leveraging these APIs, requests made in service and support platforms are automatically captured in vManager for fulfillment, eliminating any manual redundancies and errors. vManager processes requests on the backend and request information (i.e., order updates, ticket information, etc.) is updated in the customer’s existing service platform.

Homepage Dashboard Redesign – Streamlined to provide a more succinct and user-friendly experience, the new homepage has been reorganized into three areas:

  • A universal search bar takes prominence to power information accessibility. Search the entire vManager platform for orders, invoices, inventory, locations, vendors and more.
  • My Action Items displays any items that need attention, like Invoices or Orders Pending Approval, Contracts Pending Renewal, etc. See everything you need to do and use the quick link to get it all done.
  • My Favorites enables users to customize quick links to their most-used vManager items. Users click the star icon on any page to create their own favorites, which can be managed, rearranged, and renamed.

Self-Service Ticketing – It’s always been possible to open trouble tickets in vManager for assets managed on behalf of our clients. Now, clients who manage a subset of their assets themselves can also open trouble tickets in vManager and assign them to themselves, leveraging the vManager ticket management engine and enabling on-the-go access via the vManager Mobile App. Ticket configuration allows the customer to define the types of tickets, issues, severity, stage, etc. and automatically assign an owner to specific ticket types.

vManager 13

Shop & Buy WWAN Option – Users can compare and purchase from a cross-provider catalog of Wireless WAN hardware options, devices, and plans.

Pending Price Request Enhancements – Filtering and parsing network price requests for services much easier, enabling filtering by dollar amount as well as service type, carrier, etc. In addition, pricing options can be quickly be exported to PDF to be shared with non-vManager users.

Multiple Enhancements – Line-level visibility and details has been added to the Order Summary view. Also new is support for Call Forwarding, the ability to set up a default feature for all lines/orders, and augmented device activation processes and tools.

Automated Shipping Notifications – Users will now receive automated notifications on devices being shipped from carriers.

Multiple Enhancements – Line-level visibility and details has been added to the Order Summary view. Also new is support for Call Forwarding, the ability to set up a default feature for all lines/orders, and augmented device activation processes and tools.

Automated Shipping Notifications – Users will now receive automated notifications on devices being shipped from carriers.

Employee Sync – Provides the ability to better manage asset names and improve the management of Employee assignments.

Device Finance Information – Users can see details on installment plans for devices.

Equipment/SIM Info – Targeted search using equipment or SIM numbers including IMEI, ESN, or ICCID.

Augmented Asset Attributes – Added Device Activation Date, Contract Start Date, Upgrade Eligibility Date.

Alert Tab – All usage alerts/notifications are now available to view in one tab.

Move, Upgrade, Re-term Requests – Users can place a move, upgrade, or re-term requests against an existing network asset from within the existing vManager inventory record—no matter the carrier!

Managed and Unmanaged Assets Merged – All customer inventory, whether it is managed by vCom or the client, is visible in a single Inventory menu.

Managed Pay – Platform support for vCom’s no-cost Managed Pay service enables clients to view and track the status of all invoices being managed for payment including relevant dates, funds requests, payments received, invoices paid, and current balance.

Self-Service Batch File – Generating AP batch files was never easier; user selected files are consolidated into a batch and created with the click of a button.

Reporting Enhancements – Improved logic and performance of True Cost, Mobile Unbilled Usage, Zero Usage, Saving & Recommendations, and Plans/Usage Reports; New reports for Suspended Lines, Mobile Summary, and Usage Alerts/Notifications Sent.

Logic and performance enhancements:

  • True Cost Report
  • Mobile Unbilled Usage
  • Zero Usage
  • Saving & Recommendations
  • Plans/Usage Reports


  • Suspended Lines Report
  • Mobile Summary Report
  • Usage Alerts/Notifications Sent Report

HR Feed – Customers’ HR systems can now be integrated with vManager, to alleviate the need for manual management of employee information. Implemented automation to regularly synchronize customers’ HR data, and update with the Asset and Analytics Modules.

vManager 12

Spend Category Tabs – Access each of the six categories of IT spend—networks, mobility, collaboration, cloud, hardware, and SaaS—through its own tab for a more efficient, organized and consistent user experience. With one click on the appropriate spend category tab, users can access everything within that category and quickly locate specific assets.

  • Access everything within Networks, Mobile, Collaboration, Cloud, Hardware, and SaaS categories with one click on the specific category tab
  • Consolidated, efficient viewing of orders, inventory, and tickets
  • Find what you need faster

Mobile Shop/Buy – Users can now shop and compare pricing for mobile services directly from vManager. Shop live and obtain near-immediate price quotes on mobile phones, routers, accessories, etc. from various providers or request quotes through vCom’s Technology Solutions Group.

  • Shop for corporate mobile voice or data plans, IoT, mobile devices, accessories, and other mobile services
  • Choose from unlimited device/service options or a pre-defined catalog of selections
  • Compare pricing directly from the carriers and vCom’s pre-negotiated wholesale buyer rates

AP Configuration Wizard – Build and customize cost allocation and AP posting files. Previously requiring back-end help from vCom experts, users can now generate their own AP posting files and allocate based on inventory, location, cost center, etc.

  • Easy step-by-step creation of allocations based on inventory, location, cost center, etc.
  • Apply to current invoices or backlog
  • Choose from multiple AP posting file formats

Pending Inventory Tool – Choose which assets from carrier invoices are managed within vManager and enter those directly into the platform

  • Users decide which assets to manage within the platform
  • Select assets directly from the invoice and add to inventory with a few simple clicks
  • Streamlines asset loading process

Catalog Management – Organizations can build mobile and hardware catalogs, customizing selection options based on predefined criteria.

  • Set the parameters of carriers, plans, options, devices, and accessories
  • Create a catalog of spare mobile devices available for reuse
  • Cataloged by model, category, depreciation interval, manufacturer, status, supplier

vManager 11.1

Bandwidth Utilization added to the Dashboard – the new Panel is customizable and viewable in the Dashboard module.

  • Why is this good for you? If you signed up for our Monitoring and Notification (MNS) network services, you can quickly get a view of all usage across all locations.
  • See what those bandwidth bandits are eating up in warp speed (that’s if there’s any left!)

Wireless WAN (WWAN) Usage Report –for those using our WWAN solution to boost productivity and communications, you now get a usage report directly from vManager’s Analytics module.

  • Why is this good for you? Your folks can monitor and manage their own WWAN usage.
  • Save money by keeping those bandwidth costs in check!

Send AP Files via FTP Server – This new feature offers more convenience and efficiency to transfer multiple files, if you choose to use it (which we recommend since it’s so much easier!)

  • Why is this good for you? Rather than having to send you multiple AP files by email, we can now schedule automated AP file transfers directly to your FTP server, bypassing the manual process of uploading files and giving it to you much faster.

What’s improved:

Customized Grid across entire platform – Organize and display information with grids in all parts of the Platform, not just the ones we created for you. See what you want and get rid of what you don’t! Don’t you wish everything was that easy?
What’s been fixed:

No duplication of locations in the Shop/Buy Module – the fix includes alerts if you’re adding existing locations that have already been included so you can pay for only what you need.

vManager 11

Dashboard Redesign – a new, customizable Dashboard module in vManager gives users control of which metrics to display that are most valuable to them. Unique information can be displayed based on individual preferences and roles– delivering relevant and actionable insights.

Improved vManager Ribbon Menu – better icons on the Main Menu and we’ve removed some verbiage the was redundant for an improved user experience

New Search Feature – a new, global Search functionality now allows users to get access to information they need faster than ever before. Customers can search the platform for Orders, Inventory, Tickets & Locations and more.

Improved Shop & Buy Experience – an upgraded online store for IT services and products offers a streamlined experience for better sorting and filtering within the pricing catalogue.

vCom University – the refined educational resource center highlights pertinent content related to business needs. Module-by-module videos and solutions focused topics are featured to help customers navigate the evolving software platform.

Automatic Alerts for Contracts – the useful feature helps customers gain transparency and time with a clear line of sight into their contract terms, end-dates and opportunities to re-negotiate. Users receive monthly email notifications before contracts are up for renewal in 120 days or less.

vManager 10.1

Updates & Tools

  • Invoice Tracking & Admin Tool – this tool, added to the Invoice Management module, allows customers to view their pending invoices that are either Carrier Direct or Expense as they are awaiting to be processed for their first load into vManager
  • Support For AP Batch Filing – we now support AP Batch filing which can be customized on a per customer basis. So, for example a customer could ask for an AP Batch file to be run and emailed on a Thursday to include all of the invoices that arrived since the last AP Batch run. This saves tremendous time and allows for automation and is especially useful when you have large quantities of invoices in vManager.
  • Printing Of Invoice Remittance Slips – from either the Invoice grid or on the invoice itself the ability to print a remittance slip is just a click away.
    Pending Invoices View – you can now view Carrier Direct Invoices that are pending (i.e. expected to be received or late) on the new Pending Invoice view in Invoice Management.
  • Managed Hardware Added To Hardware Assets Module – we’ve added vCom Managed Hardware to the Hardware Assets module so now you have a view of non-managed and managed hardware all in one location.
  • RFP Process Added To Solution Design – we’ve added vCom’s seven step RFP Process as and educational tool to the Solutions Design module.



  • Bill Pay 2.0 – we have rebuilt from the ground up our Bill Pay system for those customers that take care of our Bill Pay service.
  • Invoice Workflow 2.0 – also rebuilt from the ground up, Invoice workflow now supports Threshold workflows and a new methodology for creating and assigning workflows which greatly improves the time to create and manage workflows
  • Network Utilization Chart Improvements – we have added additional views to the Network Utilization charges in the Utilization module. Users can now view Bandwidth Utilization down to the minute within a selected hour in real time!

Under The Hood Improvements

  • Improved Wireline & Collaboration Inventory Load Times – we have significantly improved the time it takes for this module to load.